Export Scorecard Issues

A few users have reported that the scorecard does not export to the Gallery. The problem here is that different devices handle the export in different ways, and it is impossible for us to test all of them. Fixes for this issue are being looking into. If you are experiencing this issue please let us know.

Design Flaws:

 User Reported:

Slight inaccuracy in distance for a small amount of pro tee positions.

The distances from the pro tee to pin B and pin C are calculated automatically using the difference between the regular tee and the pro tee. This works most of the time, but is not 100% accurate. If a pro tee is more out to the side of the regular tee instead of directly behind it, the pro distances can become less accurate. This is a low priority issue since it is only a problem in some cases and will take a great deal of time of fix.